Surveillance / Investigative Services

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Included in our investigative services is dedicated prep time in which we gather information and outline a strategy for your specific case. We then conduct the investigative work in the field to obtain written, picture, and video evidence. Finally, our findings will be comprised in a comprehensive report which we will submitted to our clients. We then offer any assistance with understanding its contents.

We offer surveillance and investigative services for:

  • Insurance claims
    • We can provide evidence to help mitigate a claim or uncover possible fraud. In any case, we are here to find the truth for you. Our investigators are committed to providing the best customer service and streamlined reporting for your case. We do not want to waste your time or hard earned money so we will go to great lengths to provide a timely, detailed report that is easy to follow. 
  • Family Law
    • Surveillance for family law cases can be difficult to ask for and maybe even feel a step too far. However, the evidence we can provide for you could be the best thing to remedy your situation. Whether you get the peace of mind you need, or the evidence to confirm your suspicion; both of these will allow you to move forward and take the next step in your life.
    • We offer investigations into: Infidelity, Child custody, Child support, Background checks, Missing persons, and more.
  • Criminal Defense
    • Due process is a fundamental of our Justice system. A Private Investigator can be a critical role in that process. We can collect extensive evidence on a suspect which helps to present the full story of who they are and the potential why behind the act they are accused of. We compile a fully comprehensive report and are available to testify to its contents in court if need be. This can be a major difference in many court proceedings.

With all our investigative services we will require a contract and a retainer from our clients. After completing the contact form or reaching out to us via phone or email we will begin to construct a custom quote for you.